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xG value is the statistical chance of the unblocked shot to become a goal. xG is literally the most direct way to measure shot quality that exists, given the current Play-By-Play data. This PBP data is made by NHL available to the public, but it has its inaccuracies, inconsistencies and omissions.

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In Part I, an updated expected goals (xG) model will be presented that accounts for shot quality and a number of other variables. Part II will deal with testing the performance of xG against previous models like score-adjusted Corsi and goals percentage. Continue reading →

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Expected Goals (xG) significantly outperforms score-adjusted Corsi (CF%) and Goals For (GF%) in predicting future goals at the team and player levels. xG is also descriptive, which makes it a superior tool in evaluating a team and player’s past and current offensive performance.

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A weaker shot from the point may have an xG of 0.02, while a backdoor pass play may result in a shot with a xG of close to 0.35. By using this, Corsi gains another dimension and each shot is given more context.

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Ice Clams Hockey The Ice Clams are an off season hockey training program that plays out of the Dodge County Ice Arena in Kasson Minnesota. The concept of the Ice Clams came about from the coaches desire to offer a program that truly focuses on developing young players in our region.

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There are several expected goals (xG) models available to bettors but we’ll focus on the model created by Emmanuel Perry, owner and operator of Corsica Hockey. The model assigns a goal expectancy figure to every shot based on the following:

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xG. xG models use UTSA and give each shot attempt a value depending on shot location and type. A shot from the slot might get a score of 0.30, whereas, a shot from the point may only get a score of 0.02.

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The models behind xG (shorthand for Expected Goals) weigh each unblocked shot for a number of factors. Shot location is the main one, but the models also recognize events like rebounds and rush ...